Allied Services.

We Create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, Work and Play. We design and plan to execute, motivate and Communicate.

Apart from Home planning and House Construction, we serve you with various other allied services like Landscape architecture or Landscape Design, Interior Design, Architectural Conservation, Graphic Design & Signages.

The following is an outline of allied services offered by P & M Creations, a team of Best architect and architects in Patna and Bihar.
• Landscape architecture: Do you want your children to play in the garden?
Yes, who does not want greenery in their house, Gardens and Open Gym, Open Air Theatre, Lawns, Sports area, Pathways, Driveways, Yards, Grounds, Parks to be designed properly in their homes or commercial projects? As a team of qualified professionals and architects, we excel in the design and development of landscapes that inspire and communicate. We place elements like trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges, flowers, grasses, water (lakes, streams, ponds, and cascades), rocks and various other elements as decks, terraces, plazas, pavement, fences, gazebos, and fountains scientifically to improve the way we feel. Landscaping Plays an important role in getting ratings for Green Buildings and Sustainable design.
• Interior design: Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful home? Wall colours and design Patterns influence your moods and behaviours. So, it’s very important for the interior to choose colours, design, and texture carefully. A team of dedicated architects and interior designer are here at P and M Creation to make your home look beautiful and your commercial space like shops, Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Villas, Gym, Health Club, office, etc. more functional. This includes converting or enhancing the enclosed space into a more aesthetically pleasing environment. An Interior should be designed in such a way that it is function, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. We as a team of architects in Patna and Interior designer design any Malls, Home, Room, Shopping complex, Restaurants, Hotels that interact with users and the residents.
• Architectural conservation and Retrofitting of Buildings: Do you have an Unfunctional old house? Can’t demolish your ancestral home because lots of memories and emotions are attached? We believe that you have a lot of emotions attached to your ancestral home and Buildings. We have gained Expertise from Bihar State Disaster Management Authority and Department of Archaeology, Government of Bihar for Retrofitting of Old buildings or Heritage and in conservation and management of buildings, Heritage and Archaeological Sites We have worked in architectural conservation projects of different types and we excel in it.

These projects include historic homes, old houses, ancestral the property, palaces, residential buildings, educational, old Villas, buildings (Schools and Colleges), hostels, churches, temples, Dharamshala, museum, banks, office buildings, lecture halls, fountains and hospitals. We protected the ancestral property by sustaining the previous color, forms and texture or complete structure and Building.

• Graphic Design and Signages: Is Your commercial projects or residential Projects lagging in the market because of bad representation? Unable to sell your construction or real estate project in the market? That’s sure because your project is not represented well in the Brochure and in the market. Who other than an Architect can know the best way to represent any architectural, commercial or residential project in the booklet, brochure, and Videos? We, as a team of architects, can analyze the design principles and the important factors kept in mind while designing your commercial or residential project. These points need to be conveyed pictorially to create an impact. Arrangement of 3d Views, Elevations, Floor Plans, Key features of the architectural project plays a very important role in Creating an Impact.
We at P & M Creations excel in designing brochures for builders and projects like a township, group housing, Apartments. These brochures are very informative as they have all information’s of the project; a client wants to have. These information’s are owner's name, project developer's name, architect's name, builder's name, floor plans, elevations, sections, 3D views, isometric view, bird eye view and various other services like lift, fire extinguisher, gym, club, community hall, swimming pool, playroom, park, etc. How anyone will recognize your building?
How they will get to know that where is the stair, lift, fire extinguisher, terrace, club, community hall, swimming pool, playroom, park in your home, apartment, hotel, restaurants, bungalow, villas? How they will get to know that where is the respective department or any services (lift, stairs, escalators, toilet, fire extinguisher, fire exit) in the commercial building like office, shop, mall, hotel, school, commercial buildings.
Don’t you worry about this because Architects have a solution for this as signages. Signages are as important as spaces because they identify and instill a sense of security around the space. The first impression a person may have about your space is the signages; therefore, we have dedicated few architects and designers to work for their design (font type, size, and colour) build, installation and cleaning-repairing which fits the client's taste and budget with uniqueness in each and every design.

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